We are a St. Louis area brand and web design studio focused on helping ambitious entrepreneurs shape their brand experience.

Formerly Lindsay Reams Design, our studio has been partnering with small businesses to create strategic design solutions since 2020. 

If you're an entrepreneur and visionary, I'm right there with you. I started my business as as a way to have control over my time so that I could available for my kids. My goal for myself, and for my clients, is to make the biggest impact with my brand so I can spend less time on my marketing.

It starts with asking the right questions, researching your audience, and discovering the why behind what you do. We work together to define your unique value and the design elements fall into place from there. I am cheering you on and want more than anything for you to succeed! Take a leap for yourself and discover what high quality branding can do for you. 

12 years of design experience

Bachelors in  Visual
Communication Design

4+ years studio

Task-oriented with an eye for aesthetics

"This process has given me so much confidence."

I LOVE that you pushed me outside my comfortability throughout this process and pushed me in all the best ways to look beyond my beliefs ,thoughts, and perception to better myself and my company. This process has given my company its own identity and made me look within myself. You have given me a foundation to grow on and I now know the company I am trying to build. Saying I love it feels like such an understatement. I'M OBSESSED.

Tara L., Live Fresh Cleaning Co.

"It was a pleasure and ease working with Lindsay." 

"She was the perfect guide through the rebrand and website development process, providing all the necessary information, instructions, and resources I needed. I loved how I felt like Lindsay was really “looking out for me” in the social media world, finding the perfect examples I needed. She is thoughtful and professional and provides a creativity and professionalism that I needed and much appreciated."


"I can't say enough how well she will serve you and how valuable she will be to your business." 

"I knew as soon as the initial consultation that this was going to be great. Lindsay is an excellent listener, she asked great questions, took everything in and then presented a mockup of the direction she thought we'd go. My response was, I feel so heard! It was beautiful. She created a timeless, elegant, established brand that represents my clients, my team, and my desire. 


Our mission is to help business owners build a foundation for their marketing decisions so they can focus on their business, not selling their business.

Perhaps you've noticed that your DIY logo hasn't served you well and you're ready for the accountability and support of an expert. Partnering with someone who can help you formulate your ideas, give you action steps, and create the brand you've been dreaming about is invaluable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all pricing because every business comes with different needs and goals. Once we’ve discussed these needs and goals on your free intro call, I will send you a proposal that is customized to suit your business. Our brand investment typically falls around $3k.

We do not offer just a logo services because we truly understand the value of developing a more expansive brand experience. While we love a good logo design, it is extremely difficult to connect to the needs of your customers with that alone. 

Typically, a brand identity takes 3-5 weeks and a website takes an additional 3-5 weeks. Depending on the scope of the project, it can go up from there. I try to be mindful of my client’s time while giving them a well-researched and executed final product. 

I work with people who are passionate about what they do, with unique stories to tell, and a vision for the future of their business. Most of my clients have been in business for a year or so and have an idea of the type of customers they'd like to target, but thats not always the case!. All of my clients see the power of investing in their business and focusing on their own zone of genius to create growth. 

Yes! Each project is broken down into 3-4 phases and a 25% downpayment is required to secure your spot.  I am happy to make adjustments to the plan to suit your needs.

  • Website & Domain Hosting
  • Brand Photography or Stock Images
  • Font licenses
  • Plug-Ins
  • Email Marketing Service Fees
  • Printing